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Access Appraisals Inc provides dependable and accurate appraisals in Mesa and Maricopa county in the Phoenix metro area.

As a certified appraiser, I have education and qualifications that far exceed just licensing, to provide the type of quality reliable home values that banks, major lending institutions & many other clients require.  And with over 20 years years of experience behind me, I’m prepared to handle a variety of property types. When you want access to solid value estimates, Get Access Appraisals Inc!

I have vast experience, including REO appraising, review appraising, retrospective date appraising (past dates), new & proposed construction, estate valuations, probate, divorce valuations, complex property valuations, single family residential acreage property, conventional & FHA lender appraisals, & others.

I also assist owners looking to sell or real estate agents with reliable market value estimates that can greatly increase their chances of selling for the most money possible.  

Appraisers are also beginning to compete in thhe arena of limited analysis and can provide better & more accurate values than a typical BPO or AVM!  The DESKTOP APPRAISAL fills the void at a very similar price & can typically be completed in 24 - 48 hrs.  In many cases a picture of the front of the subject can be provided, either from MLS for no extra cost, or for just a few dollars extra the appraiser can take the picture. 

Access Appraisals Inc now offers the Desktop Appraisal, Typically about $100 - $125

Add the power of statistics & regression analysis to the appraisers knowledge, I have data tools that can add extra support for the appraisal analysis.  Say goodbye to the hit & miss accuracy of the BPOs & AVMs. E-mail me for more information. This is the future, here today!


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In addition to mortgage appraisals,
my services are also available for:

  • REO appraising ( asset management valuations )
  • Review appraising, including retrospective analysis
  • Desktop appraisals - Short Sale & Loan Modification appraisals 
  • Legal matters such as divorce settlements, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.
  • Estate planning & settlement
  • Employee relocations

  • My investment in technology means faster turn times for you and lower costs for everybody.  I take pride in providing personalized customer service whether I’m on the phone, sending e-mail or communicating through this website which you can use 24/7 for placing orders, checking status or downloading completed reports.

    Thanks for taking time to visit Access Appraisals Inc.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.